Opening Hours:

Pension, Posto Tappa, Restaurant: 14.05. until 31.10.2021

19.06. - 26.06.2021 - Feldenkrais at the Maira Valley with Jutta Numberger und Ingrid Etter

We are happy to offer Feldenkrais in this place where the art of conscious awareness is appreciated.

“I believe that knowing oneself is the most important thing a person can achieve for themselves. How can one get to know oneself? By learning not to behave as one should, but to behave as one does. In doing so, we have great difficulty in distinguishing what we do because we should and what we actually do as ourselves.” Moshé Feldenkrais

With his lessons on conscious awareness, Moshé Feldenkrais has left us with a wonderful foundation for learning to discriminate and create choice.

The Centro Culturale in Borgata San Martino offers an environment where it is easy to engage with yourself. Beauty wherever the eye looks, sumptuous meals and the absence of everyday constraints make the week here a nourishing experience on many levels.

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03.07. - 09.07.2021 - Course with healing herbs in San Martino with Rita Huwiler

Rita Huwiler has been working for several years for the Swiss “Alpeninitiative” as a hiking guide and therefore knows the Maira Valley very well and feels herself attached to it. She is an alternative practitioner and explains the healing herbs during two to three hour hikes. You will learn to categorize and collect healing herbs and how to work them into ointments, lotions and healing wines. The contact to the plants’ healing power will be deepened by plant meditations. Accommodation will take place in double-rooms; you can relax on the sunny terraces and in the evening you will be indulged by a delicious five course meal with fresh, regional products. All this as well as lunch packs are included in the price.

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Rita Huwiler: Tel.: 0041 79 789 67 26 or


05.09. - 11.09.2021 - One week of Yoga, Feldenkrais and Meditation in San Martino with Veronica Fischer

In our daily bodywork with yoga, Feldenkrais and meditation, we bring our feet safely to the ground and centre our spine. In this way we create the basis for a clear head – moments of thoughtlessness, space for new insights – becoming wider, that comes easily here! more information and registration will be available soon here or at:

26.09. – 02.10.2021 - Just being with Ute Sander & Wiebke Wannow

With a mixture of mind and body work, we want to use the inspiring power of this place to gain new insights and foresight. During the five days, in a small group of at least six, maximum 10 participants, we will look at current life issues with a mixture of joint and individual activities and experience the supporting effect of gentle Viniyoga. In between, there will be ample opportunity to explore and enjoy the wonderful surroundings as gusto dictates.

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Wiebke Wannow
Physiotherapeutin, Yogalehrerin BDY/EYU
Svastha Yogatherapeutin
(Dr.G.Niessen/Ganesh Mohan)
07243/ 523775

Ute Sander
Sozialarbeiterin, Supervisorin/Coach
06657/ 918 6404

02.10. - 09.10.2021 - Selfcompassion (MSC) & Mindfulness in the Maira Valley with Jörg Mangold

An ultimate self-friendly week in Piedmont in the Maira Valley with Maria Schneider at the Centro Culturale Borgata San Martino. This will include the MSC course as an intensive seminar, wonderful 5-course dinners each evening and plenty of opportunity to hike in the Maira Valley. Jörg Mangold Tel.: 0049 9825 361 99 33 Mail: oder