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Pension, Posto Tappa, Restaurant:
29.04. – 29.10.2023

13.05. - 20.05.2023 - Ecological week *booked up*

*booked up*

In spring 1990 we had, together with Italian friends, a so called “Ecological Weekend” for the first time. We had almost finished the renovation of our buildings in San Martino. Andrea and two lonely sheep were trying to clean the wilderness around the village. We invited friends to a working-feast and they helped us in the “battle against the wilderness”. The situation was pleasurable and the result was more than satisfying. This was the birth of the “Ecological Week”.
For several years volunteers met at San Martino in May to clean old trails and to create and mark new ones. Parts of the trail that is today known as the “Percorsi Occitani” were cleaned.
Even after Andrea’s death a group of volunteers who meanwhile had become friends continued their work for many years and thus made a valuable contribution to the conservation of the Maira Valley’s trail network. Due to diverse private reasons this group of friends of the Centro Culturale and the Maira Valley has finished its work. We thank this group very much. That was the history of the “Ecological Week”.
This year we will meet on 13th May in San Martino to start our “Ecological Week”. The group will stay the whole week at the Centro Culturale in San Martino. You will be accommodated in the dormitory (Posto Tappa). Single and doublerooms are available for a supplement.

We expect to be on the trails for 4 to 7 hours daily. The cost should be cost price and is €45 per night including full board in the dormitory.

17.06. - 24.06.2023 - Feldenkrais in the Maira Valley with Jutta Numberger and Ingrid Etter

We are happy to offer Feldenkrais in this place where the art of conscious awareness is appreciated. “I believe that knowing oneself is the most important thing a person can achieve for themselves. How can one get to know oneself? By learning not to behave as one should, but to behave as one does. In doing so, we have great difficulty in distinguishing what we do because we should and what we actually do as ourselves.” Moshé Feldenkrais With his lessons on conscious awareness, Moshé Feldenkrais has left us with a wonderful foundation for learning to discriminate and create choice. The Centro Culturale in Borgata San Martino offers an environment where it is easy to engage with yourself. Beauty wherever the eye looks, sumptuous meals and the absence of everyday constraints make the week here a nourishing experience on many levels. >>>Flyer More informationen you can find here and under,

23.09. - 29.09.2023 - Yoga and Mountain Hiking with Barbara Rau and Toni Abbattista

Do good to your body, that your soul may desire to dwell therein (Teresa of Avila) Golden autumn in San Martino in the Valle Maira Yoga and mindful mountain hiking in the Piedmontese Alps in the Valle Maira with Barbara Rau and Toni Abbattista Our week together will take us to one of the most charming mountain regions in Italy. Switching off, relaxation and pure enjoyment await us in an extraordinary natural and cultural landscape in the Maira Valley. The refuge at 1400m with its lovingly restored old farmhouses is the quiet oasis for our yoga retreat and also the starting point for our mindful hikes in the surrounding mountains. With daily yoga and guided mindful mountain walks, we focus on relaxation, movement and plenty of tranquillity in nature, amidst the colourful mountains of Piedmont. For those who want to try their hand at vertical climbing, there is a taster rock climbing course. In addition, we have expanded our programme to include a high-altitude mountain hike in the heart of the Maira Valley with great views. The aim of the resource-strengthening week is to experience peace and deceleration through an intensive experience of nature, to promote relaxation, reduce stress and strengthen our powers of resistance. The culinary highlight is the five-course evening menu, with which Paola and Elisa’s team will spoil us. We are looking forward to a wonderful week with you. Barbara and Toni Registration and more information:

30.09. - 07.10.2023 - MSC, PNT and enjoyment in the Maira Valley with Jörg Mangold

A very special MSC course and an introduction to PNT in the Maira Valley, Piedmont Mindful Self-Compassion -MSC- in Piedmont complemented by Introduction to PNT- The Positive Cultivation and Enjoyment at Centro Culturale Borgata San Martino in the Maira Valley. The special seminar: an ultimate self-friendly week in a wonderful environment. Meditations and exercises in self-kindness and self-compassion, cultivating the positive, hiking, getting to know Occitan cuisine, 5-course menus by Paola and, if desired, enjoying the matching wines in the special world of the Maira Valley. Registration and more information:

13.10. - 20.10.2023 - "Hiking, Yoga & Coaching in Piedmont - Breathe deeply, relax and build up strength" with Christine Heiß

“There are places that are ideal for spending a varied and uplifting holiday, because many things can be combined there in a wonderful way: Hiking & lying in the meadow reading a good book, practising yoga & getting to know the delicious Piedmontese cuisine, experiencing inspiring encounters & simply noticing the tranquillity, building up strength & getting to know the special history of a valley … “ Registration and more information: