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Pension, Posto Tappa, Restaurant:
27.04. – 27.10.2024

04.05. - 11.05.2024 - Ecological week - Opening up spaces through paths

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In spring 1990, we organised our first ecological weekend with Italian friends.
The renovation of our houses in San Martino was coming to an end. Around the village, Andrea and two lone sheep were trying to get to grips with the scrub encroachment and the advance of the wilderness.
To help, we invited friends to a work party. The situation was enjoyable and the results were impressive. This event gave rise to our ecological week.
For years, volunteers met for a week in May to clear old paths and maintain and mark new ones. Parts of the current “Percorsi Occitani” were cleaned up.
Many years after Andrea’s death, a group of “volunteers”, who had become friends in the meantime, met to continue the activities they had started and thus made an important contribution to maintaining the network of paths in the Valle Maira. For various personal reasons, this group of friends of the Centro Culturale and the Valle Maira have ended their work. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again. So much for the history of the Ecological Week.
In 2024 we will meet on 04 May in San Martino. The Centro Culturale will be the venue for the entire week. Accommodation will be in dormitories. Accommodation in a double or single room is possible on request and at an additional cost.

We assume that we will be “on the road” for between 4 and 7 hours.
The costs should be at cost price and are €50 per night including full board in the dormitory.

08.06. - 15.06.2024 - Feldenkrais in the Maira Valley with Jutta Numberger and Ingrid Etter

“If life means movement and death means stagnation, then more movement means more life and less movement means less vitality.
And conversely, the further development of a person’s ability to move results in more vitality, both physically and mentally and emotionally.”

Thomas Hanna

With his lessons on conscious movement, Moshé Feldenkrais has left us a wonderful foundation for further developing our abilities.
The Centro Culturale in the Borgata San Martino offers an environment in which it is easy to engage with oneself. Beauty as far as the eye can see, delicious food and the absence of everyday constraints make the week here a nourishing experience on many levels.


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14.09. – 21.09.2024 – Feldenkrais, meditation, hiking, experiencing nature with Jutta Wakley

“Learning to stand well on your own two feet and to love yourself”,
Moshe Feldenkrais summarised the essence of his work in these few words.
The intention of these days is to strengthen the qualities of stability (on a physical as well as a holistic level) and self-love.
Feldenkrais lessons, embodied meditation (based on Zen meditation) and self-awareness exercises (from focussing) are available to us for this purpose.
The silence and vastness of the mountains, the tranquillity and unique beauty of the Centro Culturale of Borgata San Martino allow us to let the new experiences take effect and integrate them.

Start the day together in silence,

through Feldenkrais lessons

Strengthening lightness and strength in our movements to allow our centring and grounding to grow and to feel at home in our own bodies


to grow awareness, presence and wisdom

Exercises for self-awareness (from focussing),

to connect to our inner wisdom and the richness of our inner resources

The silence and vastness of the mountains, the tranquillity and unique beauty of the place allow the new experiences to take effect and be integrated.

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05.10. - 12.10.2024 - MSC, PNT and enjoyment in the Maira Valley with Jörg Mangold

A very special MSC course and an introduction to PNT in the Maira Valley, Piedmont Mindful Self-Compassion -MSC- in Piedmont complemented by Introduction to PNT- The Positive Cultivation and Enjoyment at Centro Culturale Borgata San Martino in the Maira Valley. The special seminar: an ultimate self-friendly week in a wonderful environment. Meditations and exercises in self-kindness and self-compassion, cultivating the positive, hiking, getting to know Occitan cuisine, 5-course menus by Paola and, if desired, enjoying the matching wines in the special world of the Maira Valley. Registration and more information: