Centro Culturale Borgata San Martino

Connected to the earth, close to the sky

““When I see this blessed countryside again, at the southern foothills of the Alps, then I always feel as if I were coming home from banishment, as if I were once again on the right side of the mountains. Here the sun shines more intimately, the mountains glow with a deeper red, here chestnuts and grapes, almonds and figs are growing…””
(Hermann Hesse)

San Martino Inferiore is located at the end of a small country road on the southern slope of the Maira Valley in 1400 m. There, some old cottages have been perceptively restored and reconstructed according to their new function. On the surrounding meadows and fields there are plenty of places to enjoy oneself and relax. Lots of mule paths invite to walks, hiking trips or excursions onto the higher mountains.


Christmas mail

Christmas mail

Cari amici,
again a season has come to an end; a special season