In my soul

Exhibition 26.04. – 31.07.2024

My name is Silvana Cesano, I was born in San Michele di Prazzo, and just as it is true that the places where we live are in turn found in our imagination and influence our being, the name we bear contains a part of our being.


I have always spent time in the woods, and it is while walking that I find inspiration and satisfy my curiosity and attention to the world of details and infinitely small things. The desire to capture the microcosm of the undergrowth in pictures, be it insects, bark, dewdrops, water features or remnants of snow, brought me closer to photography. Macro photography in particular becomes a source of mental well-being for me, it becomes art and a game through which I can narrate parts of a miniature world. In my photographs, in the search for the subjects and the light, in the composition, I allow the most intimate and deepest part of myself to emerge, like the unconscious desire to reinvent and give a second life to abandoned and useless objects that I often encounter along the way. Wood that threatens to rot, rusty scrap metal, tools whose contours and corners have been smoothed by time. Scraps of the past that reappear in my photographs with shapes, nuances, geometries and perspectives that differ from those who used and knew these objects.


This exhibition is an implicit invitation to go for a walk, to pause and look at the world with a less hurried gaze.

Thank you for visiting my exhibition.