Christmas mail

San Martino, November 2021

Cari Amici,

The 31st year of San Martino is entering its well-deserved winter break. After all these years, the place and the people have become accustomed to living in the rhythm of the seasons. Everyone is looking forward to a well-deserved break after a successful season and at the same time to making plans for a new year.

Looking back, it was a good year. Our friend and photographer Jelle Riedfeld from Holland hung a very sensitive exhibition in our gallery. Unfortunately, due to the external circumstances, we could not have a big opening party. Instead, there were many small, interesting encounters.

San Martino is a place of encounter and communication! Maria also enjoyed communication and encounters. In the meantime, she has retired to her retirement home because of her illness. The door to her private house was always open, she had many visitors and interesting conversations. What is new is that Paola runs San Martino’s business and has leased the farm. She is mainly supported by Elisa.

Buba got our organic garden going again and grew wonderful vegetables.
The cabbages were up to three kilos!

What always remains in San Martino is our philosophy of moving forward by the metre, moving forward with small steps and the small, beautiful things that make life interesting and worth living, but that you have to be able to recognise.
“Slow is beautiful! Faster, higher, bigger anyone can do!”

We had a good season, everyone stayed healthy. We would like to close with a quote from a guest who said, “We have been coming to San Martino for twenty years and nowhere have we had so many interesting conversations as here!”

With this wonderful quote we would like to close and wish you all well and look forward to seeing you again in San Martino.

Come well into the new year, be happy and stay healthy.

Maria, Paola and Elisa