Christmas mail

San Martino, December 2023

Cari amici,


again a season has come to an end; a special season – the first one without the physical presence of Maria (the spiritual one will always be present) and we must confess that it is not easy to write our first “Cari amici” letter without Maria, but we would like to continue the tradition of the “Cari amici” letter, just as we try to continue the operation in San Martino in Maria’s and Andrea’s spirit.


Looking back, it has been a good season, very emotional, not always easy, but thanks to all of you who have supported, strengthened and motivated us, despite everything, a very beautiful and successful season! Two artists have exhibited with us this year – an Italian, Matteo Fieno, and a German, Dieter Schlösser, and next year there will be again two exhibitions and as this year, again one by a German and one by an Italian artist. Let surprise you!

Also in San Martino it was clearly too warm and dry this year, like almost everywhere; nevertheless we came well through the season, not least thanks to the careful handling of our guests with the water supplies. Many thanks also for this.

In these days it has started to snow and so we hope that it is a beginning to fill the water supplies again for the next year.


While the nature in and around San Martino is in the well-deserved winter rest, the preparations for the next season have already started again: we are busy preparing the exhibitions, updating the homepage and filling it with the new dates; the reservations for the next season are already in full swing, Buba has already sown spinach, jams are being cooked, new recipes are being tried out… so that everything will be ready for you until the opening of the 2023 season.

We are already looking forward to seeing many of you again next year in San Martino.


But for now we wish you all a peaceful and relaxing holiday season with your loved ones, a wonderful New Year and above all good health, which we all know is the most important thing!


All the best from San Martino

Paola & Elisa

Beautiful memories…