Christmas mail

San Martino, December 2023

Cari amici,

As every year after the season, we have winterized the house and garden and prepared San Martino for a well-deserved winter rest, so that both nature and people can regenerate and start the new season full of energy again in April 2024.

Thanks to all of you, the season  2023 was once again a very enjoyable and successful one. All of you contribute to the continued existence of this wonderful place with your visits to San Martino. We always feel as if our guests and we are one big family and San Martino is the common meeting place and the family continues to grow. Thank you for being part of this family!

Just like last year, we had two very different exhibitions this year. In the first half of the season, the young Italian Matteo Tolosano from Dronero exhibited his beautiful photos on the theme of “The cold that disappears”, which also drew attention to the melting of glaciers due to climate change.
In the second half of the season, Christel Jax from Freiburg filled our exhibition space with a very colorful, bright exhibition: “Birch, Mountains, Roofs”

Of course, exhibitions are also planned for next year, the application process is still ongoing and, as every year, the decision is not easy for us, as every applicant would have deserved it, but unfortunately we have to limit ourselves to two to a maximum of three exhibitions per season in order to do justice to the individual artists.

We would also like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the new dates on our homepage. There is again a wide range of courses from mindfulness to Feldenkrais and yoga – many course leaders have been coming for many years, for some it is the first time – if you are interested in taking part in a course, you can register with the respective course leaders and book accommodation with us.

There will also be another ecological week at the beginning of May; dedicated friends of San Martino have been helping to keep the network of paths around San Martino in order for years.
This event is already fully booked, so unfortunately we can no longer accept registrations.

Whether you come as a participant in a course, the ecological week, a hiking group or as individual guests – we look forward to seeing you again in San Martino and until then we wish you all a peaceful and relaxing winter, peaceful holidays with the people you care about, all the best for 2024 and that you all stay healthy! Please take good care of yourselves!

Best wishes from San Martino
Paola & Elisa