Balance in life

exhibition Jelle Rietveld
June – September 2021

Buy art and support the nature

Covid-19 had a big impact for all of us mentally, physically and also financially. But it had an impact as well on the nature and the maintenance on the trails.

Nature is one of Jelle’s most important sources of inspiration for his artworks, that’s why we decided together that we would like to dedicate 50% of all the profit we made after costs  to do maintenance on I Percorsi Occitani, the hiking trails in Valle Maira where San Martino is located.

Balance in life

Looking for the right balance in life is for many of us a big topic. And this became even bigger after a challenging, long year in which Covid-19 took over our freedom.
With the abstract photographs Jelle took in San Martino and in India we would like to help you look forward to doing nice things again such as going to the mountains in Valle Maira, enjoying an Ayurveda retreat in India, or enjoying other inspiring places with family and friends.
In his abstract works shown in the exhibition, Jelle visualizes what we all face sometimes: ups and downs, looking for balance and looking forward to the end of a challenging period. Years ago I was introduced to Jelle’s work for the first time and said to him: “Jelle, so you are making paintings!” He said: “No Maria, it’s not paintings, they are photographs.” As you can imagine, it started a nice discussion between us but he gave me a new way to look at photography as a medium with his “photography and process of working”. Since that moment we speak about art a lot and he comes to San Martino every year to escape city life and make art here.
I invite you to come and have a look and try to discover what you feel and what you see in the artworks.